Tasty Food Suppliers Make For Tastier Events!

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Tasty Food Suppliers Make For Tastier Events!

Whether you are planning your child's wedding, throwing a barbecue for your block, or are in charge of the Christmas party at the office, there are plenty of occasions where you just might need a good food supplier. It can be easy to fall into a "that'll work" mindset, and get something that is very forgettable. However, there are usually many restaurants in any given area that cater as well as food suppliers that offer flexible services and products. The purpose of this blog is to familiarize yourself with your food supply options and help make your next event memorable.


Finding Suitable Replacements In The Pantry: 3 Tips For Using Corn Flour As A Thickening Agent

If you don't have any cornstarch lying around at home, you can try using corn flour as a thickening agent. It is just as effective although it may leave a stronger aftertaste as opposed to cornstarch. However, if the soup or sauce that you are making is already very strongly flavored, using corn flour instead of cornstarch should be no problem at all. With that said, using corn flour to thicken soups and sauces can be a bit tricky. Read More 

Interesting Sandwich Meats To Serve At Your Next Luncheon

When you are deciding what types of meats you want to serve on a tray of sandwich toppings, you might feel stuck in a rut. Ham and cheese are great options, but everyone has had them before, many times. Luckily, there are a number of different types of sandwich meats that many people don't even consider. Here are some interesting, gourmet options that you can purchase in order to wow your clients and guests and force you into a whole new land of taste. Read More 

Consider Stocking Wines From These Lesser-Known Wine Producing Nations

When you think of wine-producing countries, France, Italy and Spain come to mind. The U.S. is up there, too, thanks to the growing number of wineries in the Napa Valley region. If you want to offer your customers something more unique, consider stocking wines from some lesser-known wine producing nations. You'll expose them to a whole new world of wines they've never tried before. Romania Even though most Canadians have never heard of Romanian wine before, this nation actually produces about 610,000 tons of the good stuff every year. Read More 

Fun Food Stations To Have At Your Wedding

When you get engaged, you look forward to planning the perfect wedding. You've dreamed of wedding decorations, venues, bridesmaids dresses, and food for years. When you throw a wedding, it's important to provide amazing food that will keep guests happy and full for the entire evening. After all, you want your guests to dance the night away. Consider doing themed food stations to sustain your guests in a fun and festive way. Read More 

Pros And Cons Of Ordering A Gluten-Free Pizza

Next time you're at a pizza place wondering what to order, you may notice the option of a gluten-free pizza. Some pizzerias offer a custom made-to-order gluten-free pizza, while others offer just a basic gluten-free pizza or two. You may wonder what all the fuss is about; are these pizzas only for people with celiac disease, or are they just a new dietary trend? Here are the pros and cons of eating a gluten-free pizza to help you decide if it's right for you. Read More