Tasty Food Suppliers Make For Tastier Events!

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Tasty Food Suppliers Make For Tastier Events!

Whether you are planning your child's wedding, throwing a barbecue for your block, or are in charge of the Christmas party at the office, there are plenty of occasions where you just might need a good food supplier. It can be easy to fall into a "that'll work" mindset, and get something that is very forgettable. However, there are usually many restaurants in any given area that cater as well as food suppliers that offer flexible services and products. The purpose of this blog is to familiarize yourself with your food supply options and help make your next event memorable.


Fun Food Stations To Have At Your Wedding

When you get engaged, you look forward to planning the perfect wedding. You've dreamed of wedding decorations, venues, bridesmaids dresses, and food for years. When you throw a wedding, it's important to provide amazing food that will keep guests happy and full for the entire evening. After all, you want your guests to dance the night away. Consider doing themed food stations to sustain your guests in a fun and festive way. Here are a few ideas for stations you can have at your wedding. 

Rustic Wine and Cheese 

If you're going for a rustic but elegant affair, ask your caterer to set up a wine and cheese table. They can have cards to suggest pairings, and other complementary foods like bread, grapes, nuts, and pears. Use wooden serving trays and chalk signs for a decorative touch. Be sure the caterer has servers dedicated to picking up all those wine glasses so your wedding stays clean and safe. 

Sushi Station

You can really impress guests by asking your caterer to provide a sushi station, complete with a sushi chef in professional attire. Guests can choose from a 5-7 item menu for easy stocking and faster wait times. Set up a table near the station with a place to grind your own fresh wasabi, pick up ginger, or find soy or eel sauce.

Taco and Salsa Bar

If a dedicated chef is too much for you, set up a bar that allows guests to create their own personalized meals. Tacos are easily customizable and so fun to eat. Have the caterer put out quality ingredients such as authentic Mexican cheese, handmade tortillas, seasoned steak and chicken, onions, cilantro, and of course, salsa. You can even add a salsa bar to the table with a variety of salsas and blue corn chips. The key to any tablescape is presentation, so ask for festive containers and fun decorations to accompany the food.

Salad Galore

If you're going to have a sit-down dinner, your guests will already be full. But for a long-lasting wedding reception that goes late into the night, it's best to leave out a table full of food that guests can snack on. A light option is a salad bar with 3-6 different kinds of salad like chicken salad, Asian salad, Waldorf, and Chop salad.

Food is one of the most memorable things a guest will take away from your wedding. Make sure your guests are well-fed and they'll be talking about your wedding for years to come. For more information on catering services, go to websites online to see what options are available in your area.